GOLD-ANAND-I ( Gold Purchase Plan )

‘Golden harvest in your life'.

An auspicious occasion coming up in your family in the near future?
This is the ideal plan for such occasions. An all-important Wedding, a House construction, a Gruhapravesham, a thread ceremony etc. All of these involve a lot of gold ornaments and cost a lot of money. So your intelligent way to plan for it is the Gold-Anand-I Plan. Make a single (one-time) payment. You can select your choice of customised, exquisite jewellery design right then. Under this plan you can also place orders for customised designs. The gold rate is based on the date of remitting the amount and equivalent gold weight will be credited*.The maximum period for this plan is 320 days.

Tabular Representation of Gold-Anand-I (Gold Purchase Plan)

Purchase Date 1st August 2022
Maturity Date 1st June 2023
Single Payment Amount Rs. 50,000/-
ASSEST ROLLOVER CREDIT (ARC) Rs.1,000 (@2.0% per month) Worth of gold in your account
On Completion of 10 Months, customer is eligible for a loyalty addition. 0.5%

GOLD-ANAND-I (Gold Purchase Plan)

1. Customers can open the Gold Anand – 1 account by visiting our office along with valid ID proof. Make sure to carry /submit your valid ID Proof for Enrollment.
2. Every Gold-Anand-I Customer will be issued a receipt to help you keep track of the transactions made under the plan.
3. Gold-Anand-I Customers can make payment by Card / Cheques / Online/ Bank Transfer.
4. Gold-Anand-I Customers need to make a single (one-time) payment of Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten thousand Only) under this plan for a period of 10 months. On receipt of payment, Customer will get a Asset rollover credit in form of Gold on a monthly basis to the extent equivalent to 2.5% of the installment amount, made by Goldsikka Jewellery.
5. The Gold rate will be fixed on the date of payment, based on the prevailing gold rate. Hence, you have to purchase the jewellery with minimum accumulated gold.
6. No partial redemption shall be permitted under this scheme.
7. If you wish to discontinue the Gold Purchase plan before the maturity period, all the benefits linked to the plan upon maturity period will be void.
8. You can redeem your customised exquisite jewellery by visiting Goldsikka Jewellery Office .
9. Gold-Anand-I (Gold Purchase Monthly Plan) does not cover the redemption of Gold Coins, Bar/Silver Coins, Bar/silver articles and cannot be clubbed along with any other plan in operation.
10. The Gold-Anand-I Plan does not cover the redemption of Gold Coins/Gold Medals/Silver coins/Silver Medals/Silver articles and cannot be clubbed along with any other scheme in operation.
11. Making Charges and Wastage Charges will be charged upon maturity of the plan as applicable.
12. You can choose to add precious and semi-precious stones to your Jewellery, by paying extra as applicable.
13. Redemption in cash will not be permitted.
14. All applicable taxes, GST and levies as per Govt. regulations shall be applicable and payable by the Gold-Anand-I & II Customer.
15. Disputes if any, shall be settled subject to Hyderabad Jurisdiction only.